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Herd Sires

Featured Herd Sire
Li'l Angels Flash Gordon
NMDA Jr. Grand Champion

 Name:    Li'l Angels Flash Gordon

     Dam:    Sunset Acres Millie (31 3/4" Brown)

       Sire:    Li'l Angels Indiana Jones (30" Brown & White Spot)

     DOB:    September 30, 2010

Gender:    Jack

 Height:    31 1/2"

   Color:    Dark Brown & White Spot

     Info:     MDR #60916; Elec Impl. 146175517A


  • Flash was awarded the 2011 Year End High Point Champion at Miniature Donkey Halter for the Mid-states Mule and Donkey Show Society

  • 07/14/12: Flash was named Model Donkey at the Warren County Fair Donkey and Mule Show.

  • 09/14/12: Flash was named Junior Champion at the KMDA State Show at Liberty, Kentucky.

ASSphalt Acres Cracker Jack

(Reference Only)


Name:    ASSphalt Acres Cracker Jack

     Dam:    Clear Creek Stella Jane (32 1/4" Black w/Cross)

       Sire:    Li'l Angels Flash Gordon (31 3/4" Brown/White Spot)

     DOB:    June 3, 2017

Gender:    Jack

 Height:    31"

   Color:    Black

     Info:     MDR #xxxx; Elec Impl. On file

This guy is black, Black, BLACK everywhere except his expressive eyes and trademark dipped muzzle. He has wonderful straight legs and his body has good width. He matured well and has a wonderful blend of the excellent features of his mom and dad.  


As the sire to "Violet" and our pretty little "Tess" who looks just like dad, he passed those features forward in a strong way.


ASSphalt Acres Crusader

(Reference Only)

Name:    ASSphalt Acres Crusader

     Dam:    ASSphalt Acres Pretty In Pink (30" Light Red)

       Sire:    Cbar Chass Ruffy, Jr. (Red) and known as "RJ"

     DOB:    August 1, 2019

Gender:    Jack

 Height:    30"

   Color:    Light Red with White Star

     Info:     MDR #60916; Elec Impl. 146175517A

Our friends and donkey mentors at ASSphalt Acres in Indiana loved  a wonderful and athletic jack named RJ.  So a deal was made with Bill and Jenny Davis to have RJ breed AA Pretty In Pink -- Crusader is the result of that breeding. The result is a gorgeous, small, stocky powerhouse of joy. He is a bit square and looks alot like his grandsire, ASSphalt Acres Ali, but with a lot prettier head.

Crusader is the proud sire of CrossBack Farm's "Mini Cruiser" and CrossBack Farm's "Cooper" and has been a Bonnie favorite since she first saw him.

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