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Brood Jennets

Posie and Lil Red were our first 2 mini-donkeys...they hold a special place in our hearts!

Laser printed 3-D model of Posie compliments of our son, Ryan...below

Feather Ridge's Posie ("Posie")

    DOB: June 1, 2012

    Color: Dark Red

    Height: 34"

    Dam: MGF Venus Regina (34" Dark Red)   

    Sire: My World Tyler (Dark Sorrel)   

    Info: MDR #66652; Microchip on file

Posie is a really nice jennet that was purchased from ASSphalt Acres and was our very first mini-donkey.   She helped us learn about how to love and appreciate mini-donkeys and holds a special place in our hearts.  She seems to enjoy a good brushing and always finds just the right place across our backs to affectionately place her head while giving  us "donkey hugs".

Posie carries an excellent background with Rearview's Red Rock, Windcrest Cherries Jubliee, and The Fireman in her pedigree.


Posie with her foal, Violet

PosieViolet young pic paddock.jpg
Posie R side in paddock_edited_edited_edited.jpg
Posie painted statue_edited_edited.jpg
Lil Red right side cattle panel.jpg
CbarChass Always Dreaming Red ("Li'l Red")

    DOB: May 6, 2017

    Color: Dark Red

    Height: 31"

    Dam: The Elms Fifty's Flair   (31 3/4" Dark Red)   

    Sire: Sunset Acres Radio Flyer (32 7/8" Dark Red)   

    Info: MDR #67902; Microchip on file


Affectionately known as Li'l Red, she is a special girl out of great, proven bloodlines.  She is a well-built jenny with plenty of "chrome" that has matured nicely.  She was one of our first 2 mini-donkeys who actually nudged under Bonnie's arm while we were considering a different if to say "no, take me, please". We look for her to add strong confirmation and diversity to our sorrel bloodlines.

Lil Red left side cattle panel.jpg
Miller's Meadow Glamour Girl (we call her "GG")

    DOB: June 1, 2016

    Color: Dark Red

    Height: 31"

    Dam: J&E Florenza   

    Sire: Li'l Angels Crimson Tide   

    Info: MDR #67690; Microchip on file


There's just something special about having a Crimson Tide daughter at our farm in Alabama...Roll Tide! Tide is a spectacular jack, winning many, many championships in the show ring.  He passed on his great conformation to Glamour Girl.  We love her wide stripe, and we know she will give us many beautiful foals in the future.


4/28/20    ASSphalt Acres Freda - Red Jennet  (Sire: Fire Storm)


7/7/22       CrossBack Farm's Cooper - Red Jack, pictured below  (Sire: Assphalt Acres Crusader)

Rudy w Mini.jpg

Rudy is pictured here with her 2022 foal, CrossBack's Mini Cruiser

Rudy grazing by Mini.jpg
ASSphalt Acres Bonnie Fire ("Rudy") 

    DOB: January 19, 2015

    Color: Dark Red

    Height: 30"@18 months

    Dam: ASSphalt Acres Amber (31" Red)  

    Sire: Short ASSets Fireplug (32 1/2" Dark Red)   

    Info: MDR #66560; Microchip on file


    Show update: 7/7/2016 Bonnie Fire won the yearling jennet class at the Great                              Celebration in Shelbyville, Tennessee, and then went on to become the Reserve Junior           Champion Donkey of the entire Show. Bonnie Fire has proven that she can hang with the     best as a show donkey. Good job, girl!

Ravenwood Blossom ("Blossom") 

    DOB: May 1, 2010

    Color: Light Red/Gray w/Star

    Height: 32"

    Dam: Marek's Adalida Anita    (32" Gray)

    Sire: Ravenwood Zeus III   (31" Light Red)

    Info: MDR #60692; Microchip on file


We were looking for a light-colored jennet to add to our farm who had great disposition, great conformation and would be an ideal fit for our breeding program.  We looked long and hard before we found her at Assphalt Acres and had to bring her home.  


Blossom has a stellar foaling history and has even fostered a couple of mini donkey foals whose mothers had ignored them for some reason after foaling. She is one of the most friendly, loving and labile jennets at our farm and has been featured in local church Christmas programs in Alabama, live and on-stage.

10/24/14: Assphalt Acres Pretty In Pink - Light Red Jennet  (Sire: Assphalt Acres Ali)

05/17/16: Assphalt Acres Poppy - Dark Red Jennet  (Sire: MW Santana)

05/05/18: Assphalt Acres Cinco - Light Spotted Jack  (Sire: Oreo Blizzard)

04/07/20: Assphalt Acres Palmer - Gray Jack  (Sire: Fire Storm)

10/09/21: CrossBack Farm's Tully - Light Spotted Jennet     (Sire: Legendary Farm's Flash Gordon)


RJ At Work_edited.jpg
ASSphalt Acres Red Jewel ("Jewel") 

    DOB: July 12, 2019

    Color: Red

    Height: 32"

    Dam: ASSphalt Acres Miss B Haven (32 1/4" Dark Red)

    Sire: CBarChass Ruffy Jr. (RJ) (32"  Red)

    Info: MDR #70407; Microchip on file


Jewel is an RJ daughter (RJ is owned by Rolling D Farm) and he has performed really well in the show           ring. Jewel's mom, Miss B Haven hasn't done too badly herself. Wanting to use the RJ initials to honor her dad, she was named Red Jewel. We plan to show Jewel in 2023 and will be keeping her at Crossback to continue to improve our gene pool of winners. 



Jewel's Sire, "RJ" at work
Violet foal w Posie.jpg
CrossBack Farm's Violet ("Violet") 

    DOB: July 5, 2020

    Color: Red

    Height: 32"

    Dam: Feather Ridge's Posie (32 1/4" Dark Red)

    Sire: ASSphalt Acres Cracker Jack (31" Black)

    Info: MDR #xxxxx; Microchip on file


    Violet holds a special place in our hearts...she was our first foal and we have had the chance to watch her       grow up from her first breath. Besides her great confirmation, scalloped muzzle and wonderful                         personality, she has a forever place at our farm with great memories of all she has taught us about the             wonderful world of young, precious mini-donks.



Violet Posie Bonnie in Paddock.jpg
Violet Bonnie hug 2.jpg
Violet Posie Paddock Hay.jpg
Violet Posie in Paddock_edited.jpg
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