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Enjoy your visit with our ADORABLE Mediterranean Miniature Donkeys!

Location Snapshot

We are conveniently located in northern Alabama, mid-way between Huntsville and Birmingham, we are easily and quickly accessible from I-65

Shots from round the farm...
Farm visits, special events

Donkey Transportation and Delivery


Delivery services for donkeys purchased at our farm are available

Please contact us for details...

Gore Trailer Right Side.jpg
Gore Trailer Open Load View.jpg
Gore Trailer Interior.jpg

Preparing for your visit...

We can accommodate impromptu visits to our farm but prefer knowing you're coming. We are happy to host anyone who wants to know more about mini-donkey ownership and management. Please email or call so we can prepare for visit planning.


When you come, please know we are Australian Shepherd and Boxer lovers. You are likely to find "Emma" (left, on the porch) or her Aussie running buddy, Bella and others keeping watch to alert us on your arrival!

And then, there's Rosie...

Rosie is a loyal Great Pyrenees and is a sweetie who can appear laid back and cool but don't let her sweet look fool you!  She does not let much distract her while doing her job. She is a large, thickly coated, powerful working dog who lives up to her breed's deter sheep-stealing coyotes, wolves or other predators.  She's especially protective of her mini-donkey friends...especially the babies!  We promise she will accept you during your visit when you visit her while we are with you. 

Rosie by tree.jpg
Rosie profile.jpg
Rosie sidelying.jpg

Video to the Rosie not be the least bit impressed by the antics of our 300 pound Boer goat stud, "Rockstar", as he tries to intimidate her. 

Newest addition...     CrossBack Farm's     "Sugar"

February 4th, we picked up our newest Great Pyrenees from Hilltop Great Pyrenees in Tennessee...same quality breeder we got Rosie from over 3 years ago. As Rosie did, "Sugar Doll" has won a special spot in our hearts. She stays along side Rosie and will be our newest member of the "welcome committee" when you visit our farm and another watchful protector of our Mini's..

Sugar on way home.jpg
Sugar looking left.jpg
Sugar nose to nose Rosie.jpg
Rosie sitting Sugar.jpg
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